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155th Meeting : Presidential Opening Speech – Mission First

Mission First

My friend. I believe you heard of this story before, or something like this. One day, as I walked

down the street. I saw a construction worker. I asked him, “Abang. What are you doing?” He

answered me, “Take a look at this. I’m building the tallest tower in the world, taller than any KL

Tower.” Then I walked further down the street. I saw another construction worker. I asked, “Abang.

What are you doing?” He said, “Are you blind? Don’t you see I’m working all day to earn money

and bring food to the table for my family?”


Two different workers, two different answers. I used to think the first guy as having a noble

mission, but the second guy just going through the motion. But I’ve been wrong. The first guy might

just be daydreaming, thinking of this tower, that tower, all day long, but never got down to work.

But the second guy knew exactly what he wanted. He knew what he needed to do. Most

importantly, he was doing it.


Ladies and gentlemen. Do we also know what we want in our life? Of course we do. We know our

mission, at least in general. But the challenge is keeping it at the top of our mind and focusing on it.

Take Toastmasters as an example. We join Toastmasters to improve our communication and

leadership. As we progress, we get better and start to win awards. At that time, if we are not careful,

we might be distracted by awards, titles, recognition that we keep chasing after them. As we

progress further, we get more experienced and start to take on leadership roles. At that time, if we

are not careful, we might be distracted by positions, power, going up the ladder that we forget to

serve our members.


I hope I’ve remembered my mission. As a member, I want to learn to speak, learn to lead, and speak

in order to lead. As a club leader, I want to serve you the members, strengthen our club, raise our

leaders, and sustain ourselves into the future. Thanks to this speech. I’ve written down my mission.

In fact, I suggest all of us clarify our thought by writing it down, so that we can remember it better.

My brothers and sisters. Knowing what we want is one thing, remembering it is quite another.

Having a mission is one thing, keeping it at the top of our mind is quite another. It doesn’t matter we

are building a tower or or not. But as we put our mission first in our mind, it will guide us in

everything we do, it will keep us focused toward the success that we want. Let’s start our awesome



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