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153rd Meeting : Presidential Closing Speech – Present, Present and Present

20161214_213704Present, Present, Present

Thank you very much, Jerry Wong, the funniest person in Toastmasers. As for me, I’m not so funny.

Why? Let me share.


When I was a kid, I used to ask for money from my parents. But my father was very stingy. I

remember at one time, I asked for money to buy Playstation so I could play video games like all my

friends did. But my father said, “No! Focus on your studies!” That’s why there’s no fun in my life!

Then at another time, I asked for money to buy the best clothes so I could attract my dream girl in

the school. But my father said, “No! Focus on your studies!” That’s why I’m still single today!


But at another time, I was about to enter university. I asked for money. This time, my father took out

RM5,000 cash, gave it to me and said, “My son. This is a gift, a present for you. Go get the best

education, present yourself as a useful man in the society, and pass on what you have to other



Ladies and gentlemen. I graduated from university many years ago. I even joined Toastmasters

nearly two years ago. But the same 3 P’s came back again. Present, Present, Present. Because I

wanted to change myself from a quiet person to a better public speaker, I joined Toastmasters and

presented myself to all of you in this platform. As I improved, sometimes I received presents for my

efforts, in the form of Best Speaker Award, Best Table Topics Speaker Award. But the real present I

received from Toastmasters is that I’ve improved leaps and bounds in my public speaking, and now

I’m able to stand in front of people to give a speech!


But let me add one more P, that is to Pass on what I have to other people, as my father taught me.

And I urge all of us to do the same. As we receive presents in Toastmasters, it’s time to pass on to

other members by mentoring them, evaluating them, sharing with them, so they can grow together

with us. And in the process, we learn even more. As we receive presents in Toastmasters, it’s time to

pass on to people outside Toastmasters using our new found skills by impacting them and making a

difference in them in our family, our workplace, our community, wherever we are planted. And in

the process, they will see us shine as a changed person, and they too will want to join Toastmasters.


Today’s meeting theme is Present, Present, Present. I believe you all have had fun, and learned

something useful in your own journey too. I would like to thank the Jerry Wong, the Organizing

Chair and his team for successfully organizing the celebration event. Let’s give them a round of

applause. I would like to thank my fellow exco members led by Joanne Yong for planning the

successful meeting. I also want to thank our beloved Division Director, Thiagarajah Nesan, DTM

for inspiring us and guiding us in this event. Last but not least, thank you all of you for attending

and joining into this fun. Please give yourself a big hand. Now we come to the end of the event.

With this, let me announce the meeting adjourned.

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