Meetings November 2016 Presidential Speech

Joint Meeting with UM Toastmasters Club – Presidential Speech – A New Direction

p1210051A New Direction

Lim Jian Hao, Vice President in Public Relations of UM Toastmasters Club. He was the test speaker in PJ Toastmasters Club 3 months ago. He talked about blood donation. As an evaluation contestant, I tried to first connect to him by saying, “Jian Hao and Ricky. When we stand together, we look alike. We look like blood brothers.”

Today, standing here in UM Toastmasters Club, I don’t need to try to connect to you all. Because we are already very much connected. I graduated from this university! I had many bitter sweet memories here! I was in UM. Now I’m in Toastmasters. So UM + Toastmasters is UM Toastmasters Club!

Jacky Wong, the Immediate Past President. He once gave me a speech slot. So I spoke about my first year in UM. I was going after a girl during Pesta Tanglung. But because of some inferiority complex, I avoided seeing her. So she made a decision, took a new direction, and went for another guy. They graduated, got married, and lived happily ever after, but I’m still not married today.

Then in my second year, a crisis happened in my family, that I had to defer my studies for one semester. I made a decision, took a new direction, and went into business. Thankfully, I still survive in business today. Because my work schedule is more flexible, so I can afford more time to do my own things.

Years later, I made yet another decision, took a new direction, and joined Toastmasters. Suddenly, my friends saw me change from posting food photos on Facebook, to posting speech photos. My friends also saw me change from a quiet IT guy, to an upcoming speaker who is on the way to inspire people, to lead people, to add value to people’s lives.

My brothers and sisters. Life is indeed a series of decisions we make, the directions we take, and so the outcomes we get as a result. I’m glad that you made the right decision to attend Toastmasters tonight. If you are not yet a member, I hope you also take a new direction to join as one. Because Toastmasters can transform all of us into competent communicators and leaders. With the right communication and leadership skills, you and I will be well equipped to achieve the outcomes we want in our life. Let’s start our meeting.

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