August 2016 Meetings Speak Up Speeches

Lift One Another; Rise All Together – 146th Regular Meeting

146th Meeting has received tremendous positive feedback from all the members and guests, all these simply because we lift one another and rise all together to make it better and better.


– Ricky Soo mentioned the inspirational ‘Don’t give up ” in his presidential speech.
– Emcee of the day : Isabelle, presented detailly and elegantly.
– Positive crowd during Table Topics Session which was conducted by SK Liew
– 3 prepared speeches with 1 humorous contest speech. The crowd was greatly entertained and delighted.
– Max Lim from PJTMC presented his very first Project speech and it turned out fabulously well!
– Our pleasure to have Steven Khaw from Summit Toastmasters Club as our General Evaluator.

Highlights within the highlight!

– Welcoming our new members : Alex and Devendran
– Presenting our Mentoring Programmed by Joanne.
– Birthday Celebration for August babies! Specially to our VPE Joanne Yong, Area Director Eddie Tan and Max Lim!

Our mentors are : Ricky Soo ACB, SK Liew ACG ALB, Joanne Yong CC, Isabel Lee CC, Vasanthi Francis ACS ALB, Terrylz Ng, Wing Ng, and Jocelyn Lim ACB CL.

Best Table Topics – Alex
Best Prepared Speech – Wing Ng
Best Evaluator – Jerry Wong
General Evaluator – Steven Khaw DTM

Thank you to all of you for making the effort in attending this wonderful meeting and hope to see you all in the next meeting – 14th September 2016, same place ( Eulogia Community Centre ), same time ( 7.15pm )


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