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149th Meeting : Presidential Speech – See Something In You


See Something in You

My fellow Toastmasters. My friends. In just 3 days, I’ll be facing our General Evaluator Lai Leng in the Division D evaluation contest. Ladies and gentlemen, are you coming to support this handsome Ricky, or that beautiful Lai Leng?

For the benefit of our guests, for your information, we are now having a contest season in Toastmasters. There are 2 contests. The first one is humorous speech contest, where we give funny speech and make people laugh. Then the second one is evaluation contest, where we listen to a speech and give our evaluation speech based on it.

I prepared for humorous speech contest. But on the contest day, I didn’t do so well, and I lost. What I expected to get, I didn’t get. But what I didn’t expect to get, I got it. I won in evaluation contest! Well, I could do normal evaluation in normal meetings like this. But I never knew I could use it for contest. It is like the Universe telling me, “Ricky, I can see something in you, but you don’t know what it is. Now I’m showing you.”

From this experience, I learned one thing. Some of us might go through 3 stages in Toastmasters. First, when you join Toastmasters, you might not see anything in you, and of course, you don’t know what it is. But as you do speeches, as you take up roles, you start to feel there’s something potential in you. You start to see something in you, but you don’t know yet what it is. Then as time goes on, as you receive more and more evaluation, even as you join contest, you start to discover your strengths, your style, your winning formula. Finally, you can see something in you, and you know what it is.

The Toastmasters system is amazing. We help one another grow from one stage to another. We give one another evaluations and pointers, so that we all become better communicators and leaders. In the past few months, I’ve seen Wing becoming a competent, animated, humorous speaker in contest. I also see Dave having something charismatic in him as a speaker, but I don’t know what it is. I even see Han Wee potentailly a good speaker with his good command of English. Don’t ever underestimate these quiet people. They all can open their mouth and amaze the rest of us.

I know, some of you came here because of this amazing poster. Do you see something in the poster? I want to thank Han Wee for capturing this wonderful photo at the right moment of time. I want to thank Jerry for putting together beautiful design to make it work so effectively. I want to thank Dave for being victimized as the poster boy. I want to thank Wen Shuang and her club IJM Toastmasters Club for allowing us to feature her in the photo. IJM club is represented here by their Vice President in Education, Sook Hwa. Let’s give all of them a good round of applause.

Ladies and gentlemen. This Saturday, whether you are coming to support me or Lai Leng doesn’t matter. But what matters is each of us keep on taking actions in Toastmasters to discover about ourselves, so that one day, we all can see something in us, and we know exactly what it is. Let’s start our meeting.

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