Let The World Know – Presidential Speech

All of us know how to use Facebook. But how many of us are using it effectively to promote our club to people on social media? Or even promote ourselves to attract the opposite sex?

Imagine you receive this message. “My dear Jerry. My name is Ricky Aminah. I’m 24, hot and sexy. I came across your profile and would love to have a long-term relationship. Please, contact me.”

Spam, like it or not, is a reality in life. Be it Faceobok, email, SMS, Whatsapp, every day we receive spam messages asking for our attention. I know this guy called Seth Godin. But he doesn’t know me. He is the author of the bestseller called Permission Marketing. He says, spam is any commercial, unsolicited, unanticipated, irrelevant, that is sent in bulk. Have you ever received any spam today?

Let me confess. I was a spammer. Many years ago, I had my own email software to send out spams in bulk. I was worse than a spammer, because I programmed a “spider software” to travel around the Internet, extracted email addresses from web pages, added them into a database, and sold it to spammers. RM280 for 10,000 valid email accounts. Anyone interested?

But then I realized, spamming is a very short-term solution for marketers. Out of 100 messages you send, if you are lucky, 5 people might buy from you, 65 might not bother you, but the other 30 might hate you for doing that. For the sake of 5% sales, is it worth it to have your reputation destroyed in the mind of the other 30%?

Luckily, this doesn’t happen in Toastmasters. Firstly, we are not commercial. Secondly, the most we are doing is just posting our events into Facebook groups of other clubs. After all, as Toastmasters, we are supposed support one other, right? But out of 100 posts we make, are we sure all of them are so supportive? Or are they just putting up with us?

Instead of “spamming”, we can explore another world called “attraction”. Imagine a world you don’t have to keep shouting, but people come to find out about you. Imagine a world you don’t have to keep on selling, but your marketing works so well that whatever you do spreads by itself. The secret lies in the formula Brand + Exposure = Attraction. First, we learn how to build our brand. Next, we learn how to spread ideas. Then, we will attract a lot of attention.

I know another guy called Roger Kerk, and he knows me too. He is the author of another bestseller  called Free Branding. He says, building a brand doesn’t need to be expensive, like spending money on Facebook advertising. But if we could just go back to the basics of marketing and do the right things, our brand can be built up at very low cost, even for free!

With our brand, we can then use whatever socially-accepted ways to expose ourselves and our ideas, such as posting in our own Facebook page, tagging the right people, engaging our audience. Better still, if we can create something so viral, that people are so willing to share to their friends, so that our brand gets maximum exposure on social media.

Ladies and gentlemen. Today, you are in the right place. You will not only experience a Toastmasters meeting, but you will also witness the launch of a series of PR workshop consisting of Facebook marketing, web development, Internet marketing, and graphic design.

These workshops are especially for club excos, members, and anyone who want to learn about online marketing for your club, your business, even yourself. I hope you will enjoy, and together we learn how to apply the Law of Attraction into marketing, so that we can stop spamming, but start


attracting. Thank you.

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