Invocation September 2016 Speak Up Speeches

Invocator’s speech – Vision 2020 by Ricky Soo

Vision 2020

Merdeka! It’s National Day! It reminds me of Vision 2020. When I was in school, I learned a new song:

Wawasan 2020. Satu pandangan jauh.
Bukan impian malah kenyataan. Bersama kita jayakan.

When I joined my Toastmasters club, I was not too proud of the club. The members were few. The attendance was low. The energy, not enough. I thought the club needed Vision 2020, that is, a club with at least 20 members and at least 20 people attending each meeting. Luckily, the exco came up with a Club Success Plan, and now we are on our way toward Vision 2020.

How does it work? Imagine there’s a wheel spinning here. First, the Vice President in Public Relations makes sure at least 3 new guests attend each meeting. Next, the Vice President in Membership makes sure at least 1 of them joins as member in each month. Then, the Vice President in Education makes sure at least 3 members do their project speeches in each meeting.

If the wheel keeps spinning smoothly, within one year, at least 60 new guests will attend the meetings. At least 10 of them will join as members. At least 60 speeches will be done by the members. At that time, many of us will graduate into higher grounds in Toastmasters. Vision 2020? It’s achievable.

A club has a Club Success Plan. But do we also have our individual Success Plan?. Let’s think for a moment. Why did we join Toastmasters? Maybe we wanted to enhance our public speaking skills. Maybe we wanted to develop our leadership qualities. Maybe we needed a positive and supportive environment for our self-development.

We are indeed at the right place, because Toastmasters is a system to help us. The inputs to the system are new members. The outputs from the system are competent communicators and leaders. The processes in the system are the communication and leadership tracks. But the question is, what are we doing in the system to improve ourselves? Do we have a plan? Where do we see ourselves going, say within 3 years, before year 2020?

I don’t have an answer for you, because its our individual life. But I hope I have helped spark the question in each of us, so that we know why we are here, and where we are going. As we celebrate the National Day, let us remember our vision. Not only for our country, not only for our club, but also for our own life. May the force be with you.

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